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Revive the Goddess within. Awaken her. "Come find me", she whispers. 

So many hear the whispers that seem to say create, inspire, listen, love, imagine. More and more are being called to explore their inner selves. The strong, passionate, calm beauty that lies beneath. 

Instructors Sarah Pickard and Katie Davis share and explore why time urges us 

Our workshops are for all women no matter where they are on their journey to self-discovery. We are fostering an atmosphere of support and encouragement while each of us makes steps to move forward on our personal path of purpose. 

The Instructors

Sarah Pickard

Sarah Pickard

Upper Room Reiki

Sarah Pickard is a Reiki Master – Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, veteran schoolteacher, and holds a B.A. in Psychology from Elmira College. After 18 years of teaching high school and middle school, Sarah left the classroom to begin her full-time private healing practice. Currently, Sarah provides Reiki to patients at the Center for Cancer Care at Canton-Potsdam Hospital and has a private practice in Potsdam at Trillium Wellness.

Katie Davis


Katie Davis is a registered nurse who was first attuned to Reiki in 2001. She has had many years of experience healing with Reiki in her private practice. Her passion for healing others has led her currently to spiritual counseling, teaching & integrating light & sound therapy with Reiki in efforts to optimize the bodies highest vibrations.

Upcoming Events



Teen Goddess


Location : Trillium Wellness, 42 1/2 Elm St, Potsdam, NY
Cost : $35
Time : 10am - 12pm 

This workshop has been designed to empower young women ages 11-19. They will be guided to gently uncover their strengths, gifts, and talents in order for them to share them more fully with the world.

Sarah Pickard and Katie Davis have carefully crafted an environment that will enrich a strong sense of self and purpose, including self-love, self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-acceptance. They will help these amazing young Goddesses identify what they can control and what they cannot. They will guide them to connect with their passion and purpose while helping them create healthy boundaries.



Living The Goddess - Retreat

PREREQUISITE REQUIRED : Stepping Into Your Goddess Power

Location : Trillium Wellness, 42 1/2 Elm St, Potsdam, NY
Cost : $150
Time : 10am - 8pm 

Bring a lunch with you to the retreat, dinner provided.

Welcome, Goddesses, to the next step on your Living the Goddess Within journey. Katie and Sarah eagerly anticipate your presence on March 9th for our Goddess retreat. We will delve deeply into our work shedding that which no longer serves us, illuminating our Goddess within. We will meditate, heal, strengthen our sisterhood bonds in our Goddess Circle. We will burn away the old and step into the new through our fire ceremony while we also indulge our senses with decadent food and drink rewarding ourselves for our bravery, our nurturing natures and our commitment to our growth.

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